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Borderlands 2 Crack Fix 1.0.3 ximehaw




introduced simplified can fence added added support for Kint's InventorySpecifier type added ContainerStack class added EnumDoc property added Metadata item type added UUID type added ResetXMLItemByID property added EventHandler type added DefaultContextFactory type added support for ISpawnOutlinerSpacing type added CustomActionInfo type added AutoCompleteResult type added NullableContextFactory type improved improved usage of string dictionaries improved auto-complete support improved verbosity levels improved namespaces support improved support for enum item types improved support for processing XML documents improved default context factory improved AutoCompleteCallback class added C# and VB version of the docs fixed fixed errors in testing scenarios fixed warnings in the console for invalid XML fixed an invalid ArgumentException from the enum type fixed a NullReferenceException in the Enum type fixed bug where comment formatting was incorrect fixed bug where a can fence check was not being enforced fixed bug where current context was always being reset to an empty container stack fixed bug where undo was being called when player gained a new UI focus fixed bug where, if context.Update(item, context.CurrentContext)?.ID == -1, the item could not be undone fixed bug where, if an existing CanFence flag was disabled in a previous context, an item could not be prevented from fencer by a new CanFence flag fixed bug where the custom action context callback was not being registered fixed bug where the Spacing was always being reset to a default value (not 0) fixed bug where the `context.LocalNode.Tree.DescendIntoContainer(item)` method was returning the wrong container stack fixed bug where `container.Reset()` was causing other containers to be automatically reset as well fixed bug where the XmlTextWriter would not write new lines when writing item comments Fixed bug where `EventHandler` delegates would be reassigned to the new context if a context was not assigned Fixed bug where `ContextInfo` did not



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Borderlands 2 Crack Fix 1.0.3 ximehaw

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